Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello Health - Week 2

I am taking part in a weekly "Hello Health Party" over at "Along the Way with K&J!" Week 2 already...wowza! Time flies when you have no time to work out! LOL!

Days I have worked out this week: Actual (Sorry!) But I did get some cardio with chasing kiddos all week long. I think a day at the pumpkin patch, carrying pumpkins, bean bag tossing and wearing a baby counts as exercise!

Minutes per day I worked out: N/A

Health Find/Tip of the Week: I had the brilliant idea (ha) to DVR some workout shows from FIT now I have some workout "videos" at my disposal when I do find time for a work out.

Health Question of the week...: How do you make sure you're maintaining proper portion control? I really struggle with that sometimes... (If you are linking up, answer this question in my comments, link up over at Katie's blog, and input your own question in your weekly update for others to answer in your comments!)

Pounds lost this week/so far: I am down 1.2 pounds today! Woot! It's a start!


So I was DOWN in weight this week...I've been trying to remain concious of my eating habits. I did well most of the week...not as great yesterday. (We always have food, football and friends on Sundays, so I guess that's my "day off".)

I'm just happy to be headed in the right direction...slow and steady... :)

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Katie Kubler said...


I love that you have an "off"day. You need to for sure! It will keep you sane:) And chasing kiddos does totally count! I don't have any children but when I'm with my nieces and nephews, they completely exhaust me! I totally encourage you to buy a heart rate monitor thing. You can get them at walmart. Just wear it around your arm or in a pocket and it will tell you how many calories you burn just from doing daily life!

As far as portions go. I use myfitnesspal on my iphone to help me with that. They also have a website too. I just stick to one helping of everything. So if its spaghetti.. one good size. not a whole plate full or a tiny amount. Just one serving and then Im done. No seconds. Eat veges on the side! Low in calories and filling! If im eating hamburgers.. i only put mustard (mayo & ketchup have alot of calories & mustard has zero) You get my drift? just one serving is how i portion things and if Im still hungry I eat more veges instead of another helping of the main dish.

Hope this helps! Im so excited you are in this with me! Dont let my 7days a week workout intimidate you! I dont have kids & its only 30 mins! You probably do that much just chasing your kids! HA! but try jillian michaels 30 day shred! Do it in the morning or while kids are asleep, its only 30 mins long & intense!!

CONGRATS ON 1.2 pounds!! Thats a great start!

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