Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch - 2010

If you're not in the mood for A LOT of pictures, this is not going to be the post for you! We had a GREAT time at the pumpkin patch today! We started off the day with some sausage, egg and cheese breakfast muffins (recipe soon!). The kids HATED them. LOL! I don't know why? They were delicious! Even Adam liked them and he hates eggs. They rocked. I think the boys just woke up in a mood.

But, promises of a trip to the pumpkin patch lifted everyone's moods. We packed up and headed out with Grandma (my mom) to the Berryland Farm. They were tentative when we first got out of the truck, but it didn't take them long at all to warm up to the fun and activities!

Luc, Mikey and Benji...

Checking out the haybale fort! They LOVED this thing!

Time for a trip into the corn maze!!!!

More photo fun!

Ring and Bean Bag toss!

They also had arts & crafts areas and face painting! FUN!

Duck races...they loved this!

Then it was time for the (mildly) haunted hayride!

And a pumpkin hunting adventure! (This is Mikey with my mom!!)

Wish Will, McKenzie and Adam had been year, for sure!

And last, but not least...hanging out with the smallest of my best friends. <3

After such a busy day we all zonked out for an afternoon nap! Bliss! I made pea soup for dinner (recipe later) and now it's almost bedtime!

Had a great day! Hope everyone else did as well!


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Sandra said...

I'm always up for lots of pictures. Everyone looked terrific, but I had a soft spot for the little bundle tucked inside your jacket....awwww...

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