Monday, October 25, 2010

10 in 10 Recap

So here was my original 10 in 10 list...

My 10 in 10...
1. Get photos up on the living room walls.
2. Get art up in our room.
3. Get the boys moved to their new room.
4. Finish kids headboards.
5. Make sea salt caramels
6. Make taffy with the boys.
7. Finish kids art display project.
8. Try Freezer Paper stenciling.
9. Reorganize Kitchen Cabinets
10. Get my hair done.

Honestly, I was pretty much a failure all around! LOL!

1. I didn't get photos up BUT I am putting in an order for photos it's underway!
2. I haven't done a thing with our room. I don't even sleep in there. Sad but true. :(
3. I am very sad to say, the boys are still in their old room, BUT on a happy note their room is fresh and clean (thanks to the hard work of my son Luc!! Good job buddy!)
4. Finish kids headboards is underway...I painted Will's headboard but wasn't happy with it so I need to sand it down a bit and Adam is going to help me repaint. It's nice to see how it's going to look though!! I bought the paint and stencil for Kenzie's bed but I don't love it and plan to return it and do a scrapbook paper treatment instead!
5. I didn't make sea salt caramels because i couldn't find a candy thermometer...even at Walmart. WTH?
6. We didn't make this, but we DID make pretzel-turtles! Yummy!
7. Still not done...haven't touched it.
8. Again, no-go. I suck.
9. This too is underway...I will have pictures to share when I'm done! Yay!
10. DONE! Yes...mission accomplished!

hahaha...Ok, so maybe I'm too busy to set such lofty goals, but at least I got some things going and will of course share as I finish! I hope everyone had a much more productive 10 in 10 than me!!

Much love,

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