Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am going to start taking part in Night Owl Crafting's "HOO ARE YOU" Tuesdays!

Stop on by to participate and get to know some new friends!

1. How tall are you? How tall do you WISH you were?
I am 5'8"...and so wish I was 5'7"...yes that one inch makes a big difference in finding jeans that are long enough!

2. Do you have a birthmark? Where?
Yes...on my neck...and I hate it and WILL have it removed someday.

3. What is your biggest money waster?
Ooo...good question. Ummm...just random stuff, I think. I can't go into a Walmart without leaving with a cart full of stuff (which is their intent I suppose.)

4. What song are you tired of?
Anything by Kesha. Yuck.

5. What stresses you out the most?
Couple things...money worries (guess I should stay out of Walmart...LOL!) And Luc's behavior. I wonder if he has ADHD...I worry that he isn't going to have an easy life is he continues on the behavior path he's on...I wonder if it's something I did or if there's something I can do that I haven't thought of...I worry.



Leslie said...

Yeah I am so glad that you are joining us on the link party. I feel the same way about Wal Mart. Why can't I just go there for what I need, not want. Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you!

Brittany@Superwoman said...

I hope he doesn't have ADHD. If he does, just remember that most teenagers with ADHD learn to control their behaviors without medication with just a bit of patience and hard work.
AND keep the meds locked in a safe when he is a teenager, lol.

Kesha songs, lol.

posidanielle said...

The inch totally makes a difference.

Wal-mart is my downfall! I always manage to come out with more than I wanted to get. Of course it is their purpose...they are greedy! haha.

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