Thursday, October 14, 2010

M&M Game

I grew up in a town that has a FIERCE football rivalry with the town I live in now. Every year, the “M&M Game” takes place between our neighboring towns…the oldest Interstate rivalry in High School Football History. It’s a BIG deal. I BLEED Maroon & Gold…you have to be FROM here to truly understand how deep our loyalties lie.

When I purchased my house, and moved to the enemy neighboring town, I didn’t think about football. My kids are little…what difference does it make? Well…it does. This morning, I dressed my elementary school aged boys in PURPLE (I’m gagging as I type) and sent them off to school for their pep rally. **heavy sigh**

This is NOT going to work…LOL! Is it sad that I’m considering open-enrolling them into a different school district? Haha! (Ok, kidding…sorta.)

I’m actually not GOING to the game this year. (Boo!) My brother, who is a senior this year, decided to quit football (DOUBLE boo!!) but I was there last year, all decked out in my Maroon gear cheering on the team with my family! (The games are better the year’s they play in my home town anyway! We have a far superior field…I think most folks from the other town would agree, to be honest.) BUT, tomorrow at work, we get to dress up to show our support for our home teams, so I will be here in my Maroon & Gold, loving on my “home” team in spirit!

Check me out...last year with my "little" brother!! (We won!)
And in high school...that's me...second from the right. U Rah Rah. :) (The cheerleading pic is actually from the Detroit Lions old stadium where we played and WON our State Championship game!)
A few (ok, maybe like 10) years ago, my Grandparents told me about an old tradition of the West End bar (which has since been torn down, (by my dad, actually) and replaced) making split pea soup and serving all of the bar patrons after the Saturday day-game. That tradition is sadly, long gone but in honor of it, this weekend I will be making Split Pea soup (so watch for that recipe!) My kids and I will be taking a trip to the pumpkin patch so that will be a yummy, warm lunch to come home to. More on that later!


Anti-Supermom said...

My husband had a very similar rivalry in his high school.

And cheerleader, who knew?!

Good luck with the game, either way it's (really) a win for you ;)

Brittany@Superwoman said...

is it sad that i grew up in on the purple side, yet was awsomely excited to dress john up in maroon this morning?
even worse was me bitching about a bunch of "marines" running in front of my house two nights ago. "those little shits come near my house and i'm gunna chase 'em down and show them what i'm made of" lol
and yes, maroons have a better field. mainly b/c of more history.

Jenn said...

Not sad...AWESOME! LOL! Better history and better bleachers! :)

Jenn said...

PLUS, we have the Victory that field! <3

royaldixie said...

Look at that picture! What I wouldn't do for that body now! Dammit! Thanks for sharing!

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