Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 16 Weeks

Me and the "Avocado" (size-wise) baby are hanging in there. :) His (her?) little heart is working, working, working...s/he's growing toenails...swimming around. :) Only about a month until our BIG ultrasound!! I can't wait!

I'm doing alright...nausea is lessening (what a RELIEF) but not gone yet. I've been feeling ridiculously short of breath (which I remember very clearly from being pregnant with my Luc). It's not even when I'm exerting myself...just sitting at my desk or on the couch. Not alarming...just uncomfortable. I feel like I "look" more pregnant every day...I'm even going maternity clothes shopping this weekend! (And I might have to buy just ONE little gender neutral baby SOMETHING!) ;)

And that is about it on the pregnancy front. I'm going to start weekly belly pictures soon...around 20 weeks I think. Should be fun! :)

Talk to you soon...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 15 Weeks

I know...I know...I don't keep up. I can't keep up. While my weekly update sites no longer make any mention of "morning sickness" or "by now you should start feeling better", I've been left behind in "Feel.Like.Crap.Dom" It's lovely. And I am ready. I am SO very ready, to not feel so sick anymore. :(

BUT...enough complaining, because as I've doesn't help.

I was 15 weeks last Thursday!! Inching closer to the elusive tell-all ultrasound! Baby is 4 inches crown-to-rump...approximately the size of an apple. Much easier for me to visualize than "kumquat" or whatever my previous fruit/veggie update was! :) Apparently, I've probably gained five pounds, but I don't weigh myself at home, so I have no idea. I'm definitely "pooching out" in the tummy area though! But anyway, baby is apparently moving around in there (still feeling movement here and there) and can kick and swing his/her arms and legs. Baby can sense light THROUGH my stomach (that weirds me out slightly...LOL!) and is forming tastebuds this week. :)

Like I said...I still feel like crap...getting "fatter" but still don't look truly pregnant, so I'm in this weird awkward in between stage right now. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks the pregnant "look" will be more obvious and I'll feel less self-conscious...we shall see. :)

That's about all I've got.

Until next time...xoxo

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