Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 in 10

Better late than never. As promised...10 in 10.

Procrastinator's Unite! You know you've got a to-do list somewhere just BEGGING for attention!

I am posting my list of 10 things and giving myself 10 days to get them done. I will post a Linky for anyone to join in the list making fun...and will post another at the end of 10 days for a recap. Even if not a single one of you links up, I'll be here, holding down the fort and getting it done!

My 10 in 10...
1. Get photos up on the living room walls.
2. Get art up in our room.
3. Get the boys moved to their new room.
4. Finish kids headboards.
5. Make sea salt caramels
6. Make taffy with the boys.
7. Finish kids art display project.
8. Try Freezer Paper stenciling.
9. Reorganize Kitchen Cabinets
10. Get my hair done.

Lots of little things, couple of big things...and the last one, is for me. I have a hard time making myself take a minute to do something for me. Maybe adding it to my list will help! LOL!

Link up if you're up to the challenge! 10 in 10 girls...come on! You can do it!

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