Monday, October 18, 2010


I have 6 tattoos.
I have 6 tattoos and I don't care if you don't like them.
I have 6 tattoos and can't wait to get more.

I love, love, love tattoos. My boss doesn't get it. My mom doesn't get it. And you know...that's alright with me. Every tattoo of mine is deeply personal. (I would never, never, NEVER just walk into a shop and pick something off the wall. If you would, that's cool...but I would not.)

I'm linking up at Mama and the Dudes. I love to show off my artwork!

My first tattoo, I hate. I don't hate what it was supposed to be, but I hate what it ended up being.

This is what I asked for:

See it down there...bottom left corner? It's vintage-y and beautiful and I had wanted it since I was 14 years old!!

Years, I waited, until I was 21, and I finally took the plunge...and got this:

Not only is it was poorly done. I still need to find someone to vintage it up for me...someday.

Tattoo 2 and 3...

The man and I decided to get "matching" tattoos. I'm a sucker for words, and typography. We went with "truth" tattoos which mean so much to us. We each have different fonts, but they're both on the inside of our right wrists. Mine is white...can you see it?I love it...

It's white ink and it's very special to me.

I have another white ink tattoo on my other wrist. It says "live" but it doesn't match as closely as I hoped, so I will be covering it, probably with "live" in a scripty black font instead with some sort of image...we shall see.

Tattoo #4...

The second "matching" tattoo the man I got. "Amor Vincit Omnia"..."Love Conquers All". His is on the inside of his bicep...mine across my back. (I chose the scribble-esque font...and love it.)

Last was my birthday gift from my tattoo artist friend. It turned out better that I had ever imagined. "All You Need is Love". (This was HANDS DOWN my most painful tattoo). That's said tattoo artists actual handwriting...with embellishments. I adore this tattoo of mine.

And then there's my bird...ohhhh, my bird, how I love you.

Also done by my tattoo artist friend (actually, ALL of the tattoos with the exception of the first were done by him...). He drew me this and it is more than just a sparrow to me. It means so, so much more. It is about peace and science and acceptance, all in one gorgeous piece of artwork. And I love her. I can't wait to get married some day so I can wear a strapless wedding dress and show that baby off!! <3

My next piece will be a big paisley, boho-inspired piece on my upper left will incorporate the names of my boys. Momma's boys. :)

There are SO many more on my list, including some that were (or are being) designed just for me!!

Want to see more artwork?? Check out Mama and The Dudes!!



Leah said...

Hi! I'm a new follower via mama and the dude's tattoo post. I love your sparrow, she's so gorgeous :) I also really like the white tattoos. I have seen people have really small things done in white, but when it's filled in, it looks awesome! great idea.

Mama Mandolin said...

The white tattoos is a cool idea. Then it's just you who really sees it, especially if it has special meaning to you. I love it!

Thanks for linking up!

Lisa said...

Hey, another local blogger. Hi! I live in Menominee. I blog about quilting, bag making, and a little bit of thrift-store-junk-redo stuff.

I LOVE your white tattoo. I lost my wedding ring, which was my grandma's and so irreplaceable. I love the idea of a white tattoo on my hand with my husband's name on it. THAT would make me stay married to him. LOL!!

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