Sunday, August 23, 2009

Windowsill Makeover

The process of redoing our house is slow-going, and I was feeling discouraged this weekend about all of it. I know it will get done and be SO worth it, but I want it, NOW! LOL...guess I need 8 more arms and about 15 more hours in a day, hey?

So anyway, I was at DOLLAR TREE of all places, and found some inspiration, here:

Now, my man doesn't agree (hehe!) but I ADORE this fabric! It's actually place mats that I turned into a valance (no-sew!) and I went from there!

A couples dollars and a couple hours later, and I had redone the windowsill behind my kitchen sink. As is my style, I totally forgot to take before pictures. But what we had were f-ugly lace curtains, that little metal tin, and a random smattering of...stuff. Which, I guess this is still "random stuff" but now it's deliberate, you know?

Ahhh...makes my heart happy. :)

Some up close details...a pot holder Luc made me in school last year.

My blue Ball mason jars that I scored at a rummage sale this weekend...I'm going back next weekend to see if the rest of them she had are still there and if so, if she'll mark them down! :) Also, a photo tile I created years ago of my two youngest boys. It's the only one I ever got to work using the technique I used...displaying it now has inspired me to try again. Will post results if it works! :)

A sweet note from my oldest, Will, some colored glass, and a change jar.

That tile will eventually be covered in beadboard and that shelf, replaced...but until then it's nice to have things I love to gaze at while I do dishes. :)

I'll post a how-to on the valance later. It's super simple and I love the results!


Brittany said...

I love the arrangement on the windowsill! I don't know if I would get rid of the tile though. That's a really durable, nice surface to have. If you want to dress it up a bit you could try stenciling a design on every few tiles.
Really nice!

Carolyn said...

Oh! How cute! I love all the little things from/about your sons. How sweet. It looks great.

Jenn said...

Thanks ladies!

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