Thursday, August 20, 2009

Opinions Wanted -- Mirror Makeover!

I bought this oval mirror years ago at a yard sale. I don't have a before pic (sorry) but decided to paint it this VERY light blue in an attempt to make it look like old chippy, weathered metal. I painted it...and now I don't think I love it.

It turned out how I expected, for the most part, but...I don't's just not what I want.

So tell me...should I repaint? If so, what color? Or should I leave it like this?

(FYI...I planned when painting this to use it in my laundry room which I'm going with a white with aqua and red accents I think.)

Opinions appreciated!


Della said...

I would go for an aqua mirror- I've been using aqua as an accent in my room, I love it!

Randi said...

Actually, I like the look. If I were you, I would wait on repainting till I saw it in the room. The surroundings might change the way you look at it!

Mrs_Faz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love what you did to this mirror. I know how you feel when you finish a project and think to youself, well this came out just like I thought, but now what?

Good luck!!! (I love it)

Carolyn said...

That is a beautiful mirror. Don't you hate it when it doesn't turn out like that awesome picture in your mind?
What about red? Is that too bold?

Jenn said...

Thanks everyone!

I am still undecided what I want to do. Aqua and Red (as well as a mix between a lime green and an olive green) are colors we are slowly incorporating into our i will definitely be keeping ALL of these ideas in mind!

Ashley said...

I like it!
It is a neat colour, I think!

Ashley said...

I like it!
It's a neat colour, I think!

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