Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Guys

Life has been SO busy lately! We've been redoing our floors (I LOVE them!) and are getting ready to start our kitchen makeover, so I will have photos to share soon. It's already so different, and is going to look like a different house when we are finished! I cannot wait!
We've been spending a lot of family time lately though...my oldest son started football, so we attend his games twice a week! SO much fun! (Photos from football soon...I, by default, take our MX pictures, but Adam is the one who really shines with sports photography...not me...so I'll get his stuff uploaded to share soon!)
Here's a photo my mom took of us, though...me and all my guys. Love it!

The kids start school in a couple weeks and I am very much looking forward to our favorite season...fall! But until then, we will spend the last couple weeks of summer, enjoying the outdoors, and each other.

And just for fun...a teensy-weensy sneak peak of the floors!! I can't say I miss that old linoleum in the kitchen AT ALL!!!!! :)

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