Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm tired and I'm sick. Sick and Tired if you will.

I'm battling an infection and have not had one extra ounce of will power for anything. Want proof?

I love to cook...we know this. My children had PIZZA ROLLS for dinner last night. That's right...pizza rolls. (Not that there's anything wrong with pizza rolls...it's just that there's something wrong with ME if I don't feel like cooking! LOL!)

Soooo...I'm on some different meds and trying to get better and when that happens, I'll be back to posting regularly, I PROMISE!

I've got some fun projects coming up...a family rules canvas, my kids art-work display, the work-in-progress that is my kitchen, lots of painted furniture (will post that as we finish pieces), makeover to my "mud room" (entry hall), and dining room/office makeover. The work never ends...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ok...back to work (aka: gazing absentmindedly at my computer monitor wish I could lay down while trying not to fall asleep at my desk...ahem.)

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