Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuff and Things

Real quick, before I forget…I need to take a picture of my GREAT thrift store finds from this weekend! I also need to show you a fun kid’s wall art idea I had. AND, I’ve got a new half-homemade recipe coming up this week…just a few things to be watching for!

Anywho…onto my real post for the day…

When I started this blog it was with the intention of posting about the house but also about family and food and life. I wanted for this to be a place where people could read about how to redo a chair, but also a place to celebrate family accomplishments…a place to pick-up a new recipe to try, but also a place to talk about ways we can treat ourselves better, ways we make our families run efficiently, ways we make chores easier or discipline more effective. I want to broaden the spectrum of things I post about, so I am making it a point to include some of these other things here too, intermingled with our constant on-going projects and my love affair with cooking.

With that said, lets talk about words that make us feel ALIVE. I am such a quote junkie...seriously. I just love letters and words, and the way I can read something and it can totally make me FEEL things...ohhhh, I just love it.
When times are tough...keep on keepin' on...
When you're in need of a reminder that you control your destiny... (FYI, MXPX is a pop-punk band...lyrics and I go together like PB & Banana! Yummo!)
And this...this is my current desktop background and will be incorporated into my household sometime (somehow) very, very soon...**love** it. The constant reminder to "just do you". :)
Any fave quotes to share? I can never get enough! :) I said, this week = new recipe + thrift store fantastic-ness + kiddo's wall art extravaganza!
See you soon!


Let it Shine said...

LOVE the Howard Thurman quote - SO true!

Jenn said...

Something about those words just...I don't know...I love it!

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