Thursday, September 17, 2009

Less Sloppy Joes!

OMG! Maybe everyone knows this trick already (and if so, I can't BELIEVE no one told me!!)

My family LOVES sloppy joes...and what's not to love, really? But the little guys are forever complaining about all of the meat "falling out on the plate"! I always figured that's just the way it is...until last weekend.

I was at a friends house and she made sloppy joes for lunch. She brought plates out and there was a bun, standing on it's side, full of sloppy joe meat and ready for eating. Almost like a Sloppy Joe "Hot Pocket".

Apparently, it's a trick she learned from her mom. You buy unsliced homemade hamburger buns. (Up North here we call them "hard rolls" but I'm not sure if that's a regional thing? Anyone...?) Put a slice in the side...NOT all the way through to the bottom. Take a tablespoon and spread the bun open just enough to fill with your favorite sloppy joe meat mixture.

VOILA! A perfectly NOT SO SLOPPY, sloppy joe! So much easier for us, but especially for the kids! I love it!

Give it a try! :)

Now...go check out ASPTL, for Kimba's DIY Thursday Linky Party! GOOD stuff my friends!


The McCrays said...

Great Idea! Deffinetly going to try that one!

Rhona said...

I have been craving sloppy joes and when I read your post I ran out and bought the makings along with unsplit hamburger buns. Thanks for the ides!

Jenn said...

Awesome! Enjoy!

Mama Kat said...

Ooooh now that's thinking! Great tip!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
Its So Very Cheri

Farmgirl Paints said...

Yummy! Great idea. Now I'm craving sloppy joe:)

Niche Topics said... clever :) Thanks for that tip!

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