Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's (a)LIVE!!

I am cross-posting this from my photography blog...

My labor of weeks of work and tears and passion are now READY FOR THE WORLD!!!

I am proud to introduce to you my new website:


(Feel free to let me know if you find any kinks or typos...I'm still adding some stuff...SHOPPING CART COMING SOON! OMG, I cannot WAIT! Oh...and the splash page will be updated soon...but disregard that! GO! Look!!! :-) ENJOY!)

Much love!



Congrats--This is wonderful. I wish I could enbark something so special as this. Your professional site looks awesome. Best wishes!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks very much! :)

Brittany said...

It won't let me past the first page. But that page looks AWESOME! You're going to kick Bauer's ass, lol

Jenn said...

LOL...thanks Brittany! I'll send you a direct link past the splash page and see if you can access it that way.

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