Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneak Peak - Headboard

I've got a total of THREE bed projects to work on and I spent some time tonight on the first of those three...Will's bed. This is the under $3 head/foot board I got from Goodwill. I'm not going to show you TOO much...just a little sneak peak for now, but it's going to be so perfect. (And Will loves it!)

There was SO much polyurethane on this thing...took much longer to sand than I anticipated. Thank GOODNESS for the Mouse sander I'm borrowing! I definitely need to get one of those puppies! I have just a bit more sanding to do, then will be painting it (although I admit to liking the bare wood look now that the ugly stain and poly are gone).

Photos were taken by my sweet first boy, Will...he's very excited about his new bed! (And if you look close you will find a sneak peak of the coffee table makeover in progress too!!!)

And to introduce our photographer...this is William (and me). To quote cheesy Savage Garden..."I knew I loved him before I met him". My first boy. Smart and sweet and adorable. I love him.

Good night,

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