Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posting the last day or two. I've been super busy!

Cleaned and rearranged the boys room this evening. I'm hoping the new arrangement will be more manageable but I'm not sold on it yet. There's just such a lack of space. But anyway...more on that later. I plan to take their closet doors off and create a homemade organizer (on pretty much a ZERO budget) in the closet, so expect pictures of that in the future!

I just wanted to share some photos tonight...

The SO CUTE candle holder I got while yard sale-ing last weekend

Mikey, doing his very favorite (indoor) thing..."playing pretend kitchen"

And my new "toy" side-by-side fridge!!! (And no, my magnets will NOT be organized for that long, HOWEVER, I am working on a fridge photo frame project I can't WAIT to share!!)

Talk soon!

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