Friday, July 24, 2009


I love yard sale-ing and am super pumped to get up early tomorrow!! It seriously makes my week to find a good bargain at a yard sale!!

On the "look out list" for tomorrow's sales:

  • Most importantly, I'm looking for clothes for my is coming up and they are ever I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive, good quality clothes. (Especially considering my youngest, Mikey, won't wear MOST of his old clothes nowadays because he decided on his fourth birthday that from that day forward he was only going to wear khaki's and striped shirts. No jeans and no "picture shirts" as he calls them. Some people tell me I should make him but, you know, I'm gonna choose my battles and just let him do his thing with that one. That's just how I feel. :) )
  • A bistro size table (with or without chairs) (for a game table project I've been wanting to do for YEARS...yes...YEARS!)
  • As always, any furniture STEALS I just can't pass up.\
  • TV trays for painting...yes...PAINTING!
  • Some colored glass jars for a candle project I want to do...
  • Solid, chunky, colorful dishes and glassware
  • Some sort of container to set on my counter top to hold my utensils, and some sort of flatware holder for the counter top...not that i have a lot of counter space but I want to get rid of some drawers/cabinets so I can put my DISHWASHER in!! Woot!
I will post tomorrow with any deals I got! Can't wait!

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