Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Bee

Ok, I seriously have a problem. I keep coming across more and more projects to START and I need to make the time to FINISH some.

We’ve got a huge pile of stuff in the laundry room that Adam is going to hang for me, but I need to paint the frame of the $2 yard sale mirror, the $1.99 Home Interiors Shelf I scored from Goodwill, and the GIANT clothespin I found at the flea market! They are going to look SO cute with my antique washboards (also flea market finds)! Lucky for me, I found the exact paint color I want (sort of a bright sky blue) in the “mistakes” aisle at Walmart…someone’s “mistake paint” is another girl’s treasure, right?!? J I also have a small poster to frame. And I just saw the COOLEST idea on the Nester, and hope to cover my UGLY laundry room window with CHALKBOARD VINYL! How great would that be?!?! After all that goes up though, that room is going to be DELIGHTFUL!

Then, there’s the coffee table makeover. I’m having trouble with the sanding…I’ll explain one of these days, so that’s on hold for a minute. BUT, I did prime my hideous canvas painting the other day so that makeover is in full swing! So far, so good…I might even have the man on board at this point. He sure didn’t see things my way when I brought the painting home, but he’s coming around! J

And then there were the beds…I scored two headboards and footboards (with frames) at a yard sale and my PLAN is to turn the two headboards into a daybed for McKenzie. Meanwhile, last weekend at Goodwill I saw this AWESOME headboard and footboard for (are you ready for this???) $2.99!!!!! REAL WOOD PEOPLE!!! I couldn’t believe it, but Adam talked me out of buying them. (I don’t know what I was thinking!!!) After thinking about my loss the remainder of the weekend, my cousin and I took a quick trip during lunch yesterday and THERE IT WAS…still waiting for me! SCORE! So now, the $2.99 bed is MINE! It will be absolutely PERFECT for Will! I can’t wait to get sanding…I can picture it in my mind and it’s going to be SO nice! (Have I mentioned how badly I need to find a SANDER? This block sanding is getting OLD!!)

And of course, there are all the projects that aren’t even started yet…the kitchen cabinets (which I am SO excited about), the shutters (cannot WAIT!), and the front door!!!

So much to do, so little time!!!

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