Monday, July 13, 2009


Not gonna lie...I'm a planner. Not to say I can't be spontaneous and go with the flow, but...I can't. LOL! Ok...yes I can, but I am more COMFORTABLE with plans. Yes. Comfortable.

I have plans.

Scored the most hideously ugly canvas painting I've ever seen at a yard sale on Saturday for $4 and it's going to be FANTASTIC when I'm done with that puppy! Still have to finish the makeover on my $1 coffee table. We have an AWESOME plan for two twin beds we scored at a yard sale. AND, I have finally made a decision on what color I want my kitchen cabinets to be! Woot!

It's hard these days with money being tight, but just having the plans ready and waiting to be set into motion excites me!

Do you have any plans waiting in the wings?? Fill me in...I love to hear other's ideas!

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