Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ahhh...what a great weekend! Got a fish fry on Friday with the man...yummy!! Went yard sale-ing Saturday morning with the man and got a couple good deals...a CUTE little galvanized metal tray (not sure what I'm going to use it for yet, but I'll think of something!!), a huge, beautiful glass platter for Thanksgiving (I've been looking for one at the store and they're always either ugly or expensive and the one I found was $2 and I LOVE it!), AND I scored several blue glass Ball canning jars (some WITH lids!) I was SUPER stoked!

Then while the man worked around the house, I spent the afternoon at my "little" brothers football game! (I use the word "little" lightly...he may be barely over half my age, but he towers over me...see???)

Anyway, it was our local rivalry "M&M Game" and WE WON! Woot!!!! GO MAROON AND GOLD!!!! Had a great time there! It was a GORGEOUS day for football!

Took an evening trip to Menards with the man (always fun!) and hit up a great sale at Kmart to get early X-mas gifts for the kiddos (shhh!!!!) Then spent the rest of the night at home playing Scene It and watching a movie!

Sunday was my usual cleaning, cooking and football! Then tonight we (ok...ADAM) replaced the HIDEOUS flooring we still had in the entryway to our home. This is step ONE in a complete entryway makeover! We've got BIG plans for this SMALL space! Can't wait! step at a time! :)

Here's the buddies getting in on the action...

And, the finished product...LOVE it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well! Back to the grind tomorrow!



Suz said...

How lucky to have found a platter that you love. Blue canning jars...I have tons of them. My friend's mother died about 15 years ago and he gave them to me...the glass is beautiful
Have you ever seen purple glass jars?
Foyer floor looks great. Lucky you had all that help

Jenn said...

Suz - No I haven't! Sounds delightful! I'll have to watch for purple! And yes...very lucky. He's a good man. :)

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