Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mediocre Performance.

Alright...ten in ten day is HERE!

Here was my list to begin with...
1. FINALLY organize the office/dining room.
2. Paint Will's Headboard
3. Hang my chalkboard and washboards in the laundry room
4. Make fridge photo frames
5. Finish Kids artwork display Project
6. Finish Family Rules Canvas
7. Work on my door turned dining room table
8. Put up beadboard in kitchen
9. Finish painting (kitchen, trim and hallway)
10. Make gourmet caramel apples

Let's take them one at a time...

1. I cleaned this is now organized, BUT it's only half useful. I turned our dining room table into a desk for me and the kids to share (which I LOVE) but that left us with no table. Until #7 on my list is complete, we eat at a folding table...but this is well under way and I have 10 in 10 to thank for it!

2. I have STILL NOT painted Will's headboard. :( I keep waffling on color (although I think I am now set on black) and DO have it on my to-do list for this weekend.

3. I tried to hang this stuff...and put a hole in the wall. :( Not my forte...LOL! The man is going to help me locate studs and get this done, but I decided I wanted to finish painting in there first...sooo...add another project to the list! LOL!

4. The frames aren't done (I KNOW! I KNOW!) I need a couple more colors of acrylic and haven't gotten to the store. This is started though!

5. Never did hit up Menards...never did get to work on this. :(

6. CANVAS IS DONE! See it here.

7. I need paint stripper. It's on the shopping list.

8. Not even sorta.

9. I did the trim...I still don't love it, but it's growing on me.

10. They're in process right now. I will have a post about them tomorrow at the latest!! out of 10?!?! Could be worse, right? LOL! Overall I'm happy though! I LOVE lists and goals, so this was a great motivator and visual reminder of what I wanted to do.

Check out other's 10 in 10 over at Shabby Chic Cottage...hopefully some other blogger friends were able to knock out some things on their own To-Do Lists!!


Brittany@Superwoman said...

A little trick for hanging things without studs (because, in reality, what are the chances of a stud being exactly where you want to hang a picture?)

Hammer in nails at a 45 degree angle. It sounds stupid, but it works wonders. Not only will it grip your hanger better, but the angle is 1,000 stronger.

Ya know my heavy basement window hanging in my bathroom? Nails put in drywall.

OR you can always use screws and anchors.
but nails are easier

Suz said...

I laughed at your "not even sorta"
It was fun trying to nudge myself to finish my list, and I found out things about myself trying.
If all you got accpomplished was the rules...I say....WINNER
keep smiling and stay well

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