Thursday, October 8, 2009

So far, So good...


So we've got a ten in ten

My mini-recap is as follows:

1. FINALLY organize the office/dining room.-DONE! Woot!
2. Paint Will's Headboard - Not even started!
3. Hang my chalkboard and washboards in the laundry room - Haven't thought about it but I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...
4. Make fridge photo frames - I'm on it. Gotta find the magnets I misplaced though. Hmph. :(
5. Finish Kids artwork display Project - I need a 1x4 and therefore, I need a trip to the store.
6. Finish Family Rules Canvas - FINITO!!!!! YES!
7. Work on my door turned dining room table - Ugh! I want to work on this...I do! I will! Yes...I will.
8. Put up beadboard in kitchen - I need the man's help...wish me luck.
9. Finish painting (kitchen, trim and hallway) - I painted the trim (I hate it now, remember?) but it's a work in progress.
10. Make gourmet caramel apples - WTF did I do with those apples? Hmmm...seriously now. Hmm.

Sooooooo...that's where we're at right now. Tonight I've made a vow to RELAX. I'm making appetizers for dinner (FUN!) and hoping to coerce the man into watching a movie after I blast my way through some design work I need to finish up. Sooo...tomorrow. Tomorrow's my night. I hope. :) Lots to do...I'm on my way!

( will be shown soon. I'm saving my family rules canvas for DIY day on ASPTL and a couple other linky parties! But it will be up soon! Promise!)



Suz said...

You're doing better tnan me...I did the small projects, but the bigger ones....excuses....Monday....that's what I'm shooting for...Hope your're staying sore throat

Brittany@Superwoman said...

If you need any help with anything, let me know!
2. Paint Will's headboard--- nope, lol I'm not a fan of sanding. You're on your own.
3. Hanging chalkboards---now that's easy enough. It only takes 10 minutes!
4. Fridge Photo Frames---they have some nice ones from Walgreens that I've been using
7. Door into dining table---wow, am I looking foward to that post!
8. Put up beadboard in the kitchen.
---I'm awesome at weird stuff like that. My mom is an amazing woman that taught me much from her career.
9. Painting trim---remember, you don't need painter's tape. It will make it look worse. Just "cut in". When in doubt, go with white. It always works.
10. Caramel apples---send some my way

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