Monday, October 19, 2009

101 in 1001

Awhile back I started a "101 in 1001" list on my photography blog (before I created MX Momma). I decided it is better kept over here, so I'm transferring it and updating my list today.

If you are unfamiliar with "101 in 1001", it is the creating of 101 goals and giving yourself 1001 days to accomplish them. As I said, I started my list awhile back, so I have until October 11, 2010 to finish.

101 IN 1001

1. Take the boys to Chuckie Cheese. -DONE!

2. Revamp my blog. -DONE! (Although this is an on-going...but the main revamp is complete!)
3. Redo my logo and make it something I can stick with for years to come! -DONE!
4. Launch a new website. - DONE!
5. Quit smoking…for good. -DONE!
6. Get back into my size 7’s (comfortably!) and STAY there for at least 6 consecutive months. (0/6)
7. Hang “peace” pictures of the kids in the living room.
8. Create and hang “photo strip” of Adam and I in our bedroom.
9. Print Luc a photo of himself doing something he loves. Hang it in his room.
10. Print Mikey a photo of himself doing something he loves. Hang it in his room.
11. Print Will a photo of himself doing something he loves. Hang it in his room.
12. Print McKenzie a photo of herself doing something she loves. Hang it in her room.
13. Finish McKenzie’s room.
14. Paint the kitchen.
15. Buy the kitchen prints I want from Etsy!
16. Paint the living room. -DONE!
17. Replace the linoleum…all of it! - In Process...still have to replace the linoleum in the bathrooms but most of this is done!
18. Buy a new mailbox and customize it.
19. Create a planter for the front porch.
20. Create a patio area in the back.
21. Get another puppy to keep our Mr. Oliver company. -DONE!
22. Make a paper crane garland for Christmas.
23. Organize my finances.
24. Buy new glasses that I LOVE! (Eye glasses we’re talking…) -DONE!
25. Make soap.
26. Write a short story for my kids.
27. Color my hair in some funky and fun way!! - DONE!
28. Talk mom and Troy into getting their photo taken.
29. Take a STELLAR self portrait that I love!
30. Take a great photo of me with the boys.
31. Commission a photographer for killer family photos!
32. Design new marketing materials.
33. Find (and purchase) awesome eco-friendly packaging!
34. Paint the dining room/office and add ART!
35. Buy/Build the perfect desk/office area for myself.
36. Get a manicure!
37. Donate a photo session/photos next Christmas (2009)!
38. Finish the boys’ room.
39. Redo the kids’ bathroom in a fun theme!
40. Fence the back yard.
41. Paint the laundry room and add art!
42. Replace living room flooring. - DONE!
43. Replace curtains in my bedroom.
44. Take the kids to the zoo.
45. Create a “day in the life” book of the boys.
46. Replace countertops and build a breakfast bar!
47. Drywall around the “chimney” and create my BUILT IN!!!
48. Replace the hideous ceiling fan with something…ANYTHING! - DONE!
49. Attend a photography seminar.
50. Enroll in some kind of class.
51. Start collecting family recipes for a cookbook.
52. Get into a water drinking habit. LEARN TO LIKE WATER.
53. Get my Peace Dove tattoo.
54. Work on at least 6 of my concept photography ideas. (0/6)
55. Plant an herb garden.
56. Plant veggies outside with the kids. -DONE!
57. Build my “chess table” and put it under “my tree”.
58. Put my hammock up.
59. Paint a canvas for the living room.
60. Make a “Peace” canvas for my office.
61. Become debt free, except for the house payment.
62. Teach the boys their address and phone number.
63. Use my cookie press!
64. Get a Buddha and display him to remind me to focus.
65. Have a huge yard sale and get rid of STUFF. -DONE!
66. Travel WEST…California maybe?!
67. Travel EAST…show Adam the East coast and hope he loves it like I do!
68. Travel SOUTH…hit the beach and RELAX!
69. Enter a photography print competition.
70. Set up a system to keep track of clients.
71. Make a new recipe every day or night for one week. (0/7)
72. Buy a piano.
73. Start a photographer mentoring program for kids.
74. Redo the entry to the house with a bench and a place for the kids stuff.
75. Buy and hang at least 6 wind-chimes. (0/6)
76. Start my chess set collection and find myself a place to display them.
77. Get a cell phone…a nice one.
78. Convert to being a MAC USER!
79. Read at least four business books. (1/4) - In Process
80. Start a good image backup system for my photos.
81. Start bank accounts for the kids.
82. Upgrade my camera!
83. Get my “Truth” tattoo touched up and get something on the other wrist. -DONE!
84. Help plan a wedding.
85. Do a “master cleanse” type diet.
86. Do a fundraiser for “The Portrait House”
87. Design and print my own shirts, x10. (0/10)
88. Buy or build a swing-set/play-scape for the kids.
89. Get the boys their dirt bike. -DONE!
90. Get a vehicle I can fit ALL of us in!
91. When I have a nice vehicle, get a logo decal for the back window.
92. Don’t complain about ANYTHING for one full week. (0/7)
93. Revamp the back hallway with photos and art!
94. Go fishing.95. Get Chuck Taylor’s in at least 5 colors! (0/5)
96. Learn to ride a dirt bike.
97. Bake real bread.
98. Pierce SOMETHING! ;)
99. Take (or have taken) some “Nancy Botwin” (in Season 4 of “Weeds”) photos taken!
100. Start journaling (not to be confused with blogging. Blogging is for EVERYONE. Journaling is just for me.)
101. Donate $5 to charity for every item that goes unconquered at the end of 1001 days!

I will update this post as I accomplish my goals. Anyone want to join in the fun?!?!?! :)


Suz said...

I'm tired just reading the list. But I must have done a good thing here. Your goals are kept them simple and that was very smart of you. For they are the things of living. Get the cluttery easy ones done first...they are making the list seem's not that bad. I'll think about joining you...but remember, I'm a grandma.

Get Your Martha On said...

Hey, I'm also in Wisconsin ... near Madison. Love your photography. What kind of camera do you have?

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

What a great idea! You are going to be one busy lady over the next year and half or so! (BTW--according to your time frame at the beginning of the post you are 7 yrs late. :)

Jenn said...

LOL! Thanks Beth!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I've been really considering doing a 101 list. I love goals lists, but the truth is I have a hard time narrowing down my list. Do I go with more specifics or more general things... I think I'm just overthinking it. =)

Thanks for visiting our blog and for the kind words about our wainscoting. I really appreciate it.

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