Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello Health Week 4!

Linking up at "Along the Way with K +J"...check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out. (Feel my Beastie Boys reference here, ok?? *wink*)

Days I've worked out this week: 2...BUT, I've made my self a schedule for the week so it will NOT be blah!
Minutes per day I worked out: 45-ish
Health find/tip of the week: My tip of the week is PUT THE HALLOWEEN CANDY AWAY! Out of sight, out of for me! :)
Health question of the week: What are some of your favorite work-out tunes that keep you moving?
Pounds lost this week/so far: UP 3. :( Boooo! So I start working out and I GAIN?!?! How does that work? Oh well...keep on keepin' on.


Mandy said...

When I start working out, I almost ALWAYS gain a few pounds before I start losing. My theory is that it's the extra muscle I'm building, which weighs more ;) Keep it up!

Katie Kubler said...

I do jillian michaels workouts and she talks the whole time, so I dont listen to music but now I have every word memorized so maybe i should.. ha! Anything with a quick beat that will get you pumped up! Don't stress about gaining at first, just be sure not to be eating more calories everyday than normal because you are working out, just cancels each other out, i totally suggest. If you have an iphone its an app. This website helped me lose weight immediately!

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