Sunday, November 14, 2010

Absentee Blogger.

Holy WAH! (As we say in our house.)

I just can't keep up these days. Photography stuff, work, kids, doctor appointments, family things, holidays coming up. WOW. I owe my blog some attention!

It's not that I have lack of content to blog about...I've got WEEKS worth of cookies to catch you up on from Project Cookie Monster. We've got recipes to share (2 in one recipe...baked chicken into chicken quesadillas, meatball sub casserole, homemade veggie soup and more!!) We've got a new couch on the way (YAY) so we'll have a living room makeover to post soon...and FINALLY (yes...really) photos of our bedroom makeover, now that we've been actually using the room instead of sleeping in the living room! LOL! OH...and I have a couple product reviews to share...I'm not being commissioned by the companies or anything. Just some things we've tried recently and I want to share my opinions on.

So much to little it goes.

I'll be back as time allows...until next time...xoxo

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