Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HOO are YOU!?!?

Ahhh...Tuesday again! And you know what that means! Time for my FAVORITE link-it-up party of the week...Night Owl Crafting's HOO ARE YOU!?!?!


1. Do you wear glasses or contacts, if so for how long?
I have been rockin’ eyewear since the ripe ol’ age of FIVE (yes…5.) It started out with a failed eye test at school, followed by a local eye doctor telling my mom they were wrong and that my eyes were fine, another failed eye test, and a new eye doctor saying “Well what do you know!? She’s blind in her left eye!” Lovely. (Needless to say, that first eye doctor does NOT get my praises…) After years of patching my right eye (to force my left eye to work…and yes, I said patching…as in pirate. Arrrggg.), I am happy to say I can wear normal eyeglasses/contacts these days. (A far cry from the ridiculousness I had going on in 1987!) I have contacts and wear them on occasion…more often in the summer when I want to rock my “stunna shades” (ha!). But I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing funky specs, so I wear glasses 95% of the time.

2. What was your favorite board game as a kid?
Hmmm…good question. I quite liked Splat! (Do you remember that game? With the Play-doh bugs??) I found that game at Goodwill last year sometime and my kids love it. A classic, for sure.
3. What is a word that you use all the time?
Ahahaha…we’re a bunch of crazies in our household and among our group of friends. I say “stoked” a lot…or “gourd” (as in “you are out of your gourd”…LOL!) The man gets on these phrase kicks and will start his own catch phrase that he says (and gets everyone else saying for weeks at a time! Yes…we are THAT ridiculous.) The current catch phrase at our house is “Holy WAH!” (so we say that…a lot! LOL!)

4. What is your favorite day of the week?
Sunday. The only thing that sucks about Sunday is that it’s followed by “back to work, Monday”. But Sunday is when I clean, grocery shop, watch football, etc. I love me some Sundays.

5. Did you graduate high school from the town you grew up in?
Yes…Class of 2000 baby! Woot!

Now head on over and check out Night Owl Crafting (and follow her blog while you're at it...it's a good one!!!) :)


Brittany@Superwoman said...

you know you're a true Yooper when one of your favorite phrases is, "Holy Wah!" haha. I admit, I'm a victim of that phrase as well....

Laurabudcody said...

I'm a new follower from Hooo Are You?
<3 Laura

Leslie said...

Girl you are totally cracking me up! I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you better! Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you!

*Andrea* said...

found you on HOO are you! super cute blog
new follower!

poor thing hate you had to wear glasses @ 5!!

stop by mine and enter my giveaway!!
XOXO Andrea

Jana said...

I am a new follower and I as well love Sundays! Minus that back to Monday thing...blah!

jrkg1719 said...

Hi Im your newest follower from hoo are you?Stop by mine :)

Kelly Marie @


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