Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello New Year!!

It's been a crazy, amazing 2010 and I am FULLY looking forward to more amazing-ness in 2011!!!

An update on life around here...remember that bedroom makeover we did? Yeah, scratch that. I've decided I can't stand sleeping upstairs so far from the kiddos, so the new game plan is to find a new bedroom set (as opposed to trying to get our big stuff back down the small staircase! LOL!) and take one of the small bedrooms downstairs. We are rearranging once again and I feel REALLY good about our plans this time! <3

We and the kids are doing fantastically! Our sweet Benji just got over a week long stomach bug...that wasn't the most fun ever but we are grateful to have him back to his smiling self. Love that baby! <3

The big kids are doing well in school, had a fun-filled Christmas...and we are still sorting out the toy tornado that went through our living room!

NUMERO UNO on the New Year's Resolutions list is GET ORGANIZED. We've made some small changes already and I am looking forward to a less hectic year due to better organization. Wish me luck!

Other resolutions include taking more pictures of my kiddos, making time for a date night with Adam once in awhile...not just for a special occasion, but just because, and being a better blogger. I love blogging...i just need to allot myself the time to do it. And (again, as part of the New Year, fresh start) I am vowing to do just that. Allow myself time to do some of the things I, write, (no...not arithmetic!) learn!!!!

I am just loving life and hope you are too!

Happy Twenty-Eleven friends! <3

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Lisa said...

Glad to hear Baby Benji is feeling better. I hope that 2011 is wonderful and THE YEAR YOU LEARN TO QUILT!!! LOL!

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