Sunday, April 11, 2010

23 Weeks...and Projects Coming Up!

I'm giving the 23 Week Update a couple days early...technically, I'm not 23 weeks until Tuesday.

I've been having some pretty severe pelvic pain (as in, pain actually IN the bone...or so it feels like) so I will be making an OB appointment for this week, and hopefully they can do something for me. I talked to the nurse last week and she thought it was probably round ligament pain. I've done this a few times though, and know round ligament pain when I feel it. (Although, I will say I have noticed much more round ligament pain this time than with the other pregnancies.) This is different, new to me, and not "normal". Standing or walking for extended periods of time is getting harder and harder, so that's not fun. I've done some research on what the problem could be...but I'll wait until I see the doctor and see what he says.

On a happy note, little Mister Man has been squirming and kicking up a storm! That is fun for his older brothers who have been able to feel his kicks! :)

According to baby center, little dude is almost a foot long and is starting to recognize loud noises that we hear the dogs barking (or dirt bikes!!) Fun!

On NON-baby notes...RUMMAGE SALE SEASON has begun!! (Ok...I guess that's baby related too because I'm always on the lookout for cute clothes and great deals on baby stuff!) The man and I hate a few around town this past weekend and scored a chest freezer (which we NEEDED) for $25!! Nice!! AND, this was our first time yard sale-ing in our new MINIVAN!! That's right...I've crossed over to the dark side, and I'm loving every minute of it! :)

As for upcoming projects, as promised, we'll be starting the kids rooms soon and will have lots to share on our progress! I've been researching lots and am excited to start some canvas art for their rooms!! I also want to make a weekly menu board...just something to keep myself organized, and the family informed of what momma will be serving up that week! Those are the couple things close on horizon, so be watching for those. OH! And I will have a new recipe to share this week...YUMMY!

Alrighty folks...I gotta try to get some sleep. (Getting harder and harder these days...)


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Anti-Supermom said...

You are sounding busy, you are making me tired!

I hope that the OP find some resolution, I have to say that's a new problem on me and doesn't sound like a pleasant one.

I'll be looking forward to updates on all your progresses!

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