Wednesday, March 3, 2010

16 week Appt. Update

I had my 16 week appt. yesterday! Heard a good strong heartbeat (135-ish). Scheduled my ultrasound for the end of this month (I CAN'T WAIT!!) I have gained NO weight, so he said from here on out, he expects to see steady weight gain so I need to snack more...I giggled..."I don't think THAT is the problem". So he clarified..."Snack more on protein". Bah.

He said the light-headedness I've been experiencing is from low blood sugar. (Again, fix, with more protein.)

I have been diagnosed with pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in one I have to brace my wrist while typing which is taking some serious getting used to...but if it helps the burning pain, then I'm all for it! :)

AND...that's about it I think! Overall a nice, quick appointment! I go back at the end of the month for my 20 week!

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