Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 16 Weeks

Me and the "Avocado" (size-wise) baby are hanging in there. :) His (her?) little heart is working, working, working...s/he's growing toenails...swimming around. :) Only about a month until our BIG ultrasound!! I can't wait!

I'm doing alright...nausea is lessening (what a RELIEF) but not gone yet. I've been feeling ridiculously short of breath (which I remember very clearly from being pregnant with my Luc). It's not even when I'm exerting myself...just sitting at my desk or on the couch. Not alarming...just uncomfortable. I feel like I "look" more pregnant every day...I'm even going maternity clothes shopping this weekend! (And I might have to buy just ONE little gender neutral baby SOMETHING!) ;)

And that is about it on the pregnancy front. I'm going to start weekly belly pictures soon...around 20 weeks I think. Should be fun! :)

Talk to you soon...

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