Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 17 Weeks!

Inching closer...17 weeks today!!

Baby's skeleton is turning from cartilage to bone now...hopefully he (or she) will have nice strong bones so our mini-MX'er isn't prone to breaks later in life!!! Daddy's broken a collar bone and a toe (inevitable with his sport of choice) and I've broken my foot (because I'm a klutz) so I suppose we're not TOO terribly accident-prone! We're big milk drinkers so that should help, too, I suppose! :)

This weeks "produce" comparison?? weighs about as much as a turnip. I'm not much of a turnip eater myself but I carved one like a jack-o-lantern once (it's tough...I don't reccommend it), so I'm familiar with the size/weight.

Not TOO much changing around here...I'm feeling more frequent movement lately, so that's exciting! I can't wait until the man can feel it! I am anxiously awaiting my ultrasound appt. in a couple weeks!! Then we can start shopping! We have NO baby stuff left, so we're starting over...I have found two cribs I like but want to wait to see if we're having a boy or girl first to decide which to get. And then there's wall paint, bedding, toys, clothes, diapers, ohhhhhhh...sooo much to buy!!! Scary!!

We're having a "Baby Bash" this summer though...a Co-Ed "baby shower" thrown by my cousin, that's mostly going to be just a big party to celebrate...we'll have a BBQ and yard games. More on that later... ;)

ANYWHO...gotta run. Much to do!


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Anti-Supermom said...

Sounds pretty awesome! And don't worry about the baby 'stuff' it all seems to come together in the end.

I'm 2 weeks behind you~

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