Saturday, August 13, 2011

Menu: 8/14 thru 8/26

I'm still here! Summer has been crazy (and I can't believe it is coming to an end!!! It's almost school time for my kiddies!!! Woot!! We love back to school!!!)

Baseball ended a few weeks ago and now we're in full on football least four nights a week, every week...three kids on three different teams! Holy wah!!

Anywho...I've been revamping the photograph biz...THAT is time-consuming. I've been sick A LOT lately...not sure what the heck!?! And like I said, sports, sports, sports, (laundry, laundry), sports, sports, sports. LOL!

We are still meal-planning though! (I cannot express how much time and headache this saves!!!) Groceries are bought for the next two weeks! LOTS and LOTS of football going on all week, so we chose dinners that were either super quick, could be prepared in advance, or that could cook all day in the crock pot!

Sunday 8/14
Roast (Slow Cooker!)
Mashed Potatoes + Gravy
Green Beans

Monday 8/15
Chips + Salsa

Tuesday 8/16
Shepherd's Pie

Wednesday 8/17
Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry (Teriyaki)
White Rice

Thursday 8/18

Friday 8/19
Corn Dog Muffins
Homemade (baked) Mac-n-Cheese

Saturday 8/20
My FAMOUS Chicken Noodle Soup...yummmmy!!!! Can't wait!

Sunday 8/21
Honey Mustard Chicken (Slow Cooker)
Steamed Veggies

Monday 8/22
Garlic Bread

Tuesday 8/23
Salmon (baked)
Wild Rice
Steamed Veggies

Wednesday 8/24

Thursday 8/25
Tuna Mac Casserole

Friday 8/26
Corn & Bacon Chowdaaahhh (Chowder *wink*)


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Vic said...

oh i hear ya:) been scheduling all my posts so i don't get on so much lately! hope to see your pretty face soon:)

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