Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stuff and Things.

Well, I took the plunge...yesterday, I had my tubes tied! Yes...I know it's cheaper, easier, smoother recovery, etc. for the man just to get the snip, BUT, from what I know of guys and their way was I going to try to force the man to let someone near his with a scissors! LOL!

So, I did it. Surgery went okay, recovery is going smoothly I suppose. I'm sore...bruised and ready to feel back to normal, but enjoying my week off of work and getting to spend more time with the kids. OH, how I wish I could be a stay at home mom...some day!!

So I made beef stew today...yummy! (Recipe: here ), have been taking care of a sick Luc (poor buddy has a bad headache that has woken him up crying several times...I hope he isn't a migraine sufferer like my brother, mom and I...), and just making the most of my time at home. (As much as I can anyway...I'm pretty slow moving with the soreness.)

I got a MOBY wrap today though! I'm still learning how to wrap/tie it but even with my painful incisions, I could comfortably wear Benji...AMAZING! I wish I had one of these for all my kids...or even had one earlier with Benj. I've been having a really hard time lately coming to terms, not so much with the fact that I won't have any more kids, but more with the fact that I won't ever have an 8 week old again...or a 9 week old...or a 10 week old...if that makes sense? I am hating having to go back to work, so I am trying to cherish every second I can with Benj as a baby...and having the Moby wrap will allow me to still be productive while keeping him close to me when I am home. :)

Anywho...some quick pics to share...

Veggies ready for sauteing...and a bowl of beef stew! (Seriously, check out the recipe! So delish!)

And me snuggled up with my boy! <3



Brittany@Superwoman said...

Sometimes I get that weirdness about never having a baby ever again. Then I think back to all the sleepless nights, wall drawings, potty training, pure frustration, and that's when I realize that I would HATE to go back to square one. Joe and I have never had a house to ourselves, so I'm actually looking foward to the "empty nest" a bittersweet type of way

Liz said...

He looks oh so very snuggly in there!

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