Saturday, May 22, 2010


Time to get real. I had a REALLY stressful week (illness, work, misbehavior, loneliness, financial issues, and the list goes on)...and that along with pregnancy hormones really threw me into a funk the past few days. After a morning of relaxing and reading I am feeling more like myself (minus the pink eye I contracted from my Luc) so I have decided to remind myself of all the LITTLE THINGS I am thankful for in life. I should do this weekly. It would be a good exercise for me I think.

So here goes...five things I am thankful for today.

1. As I mentioned, Luc had pink eye all week, and is now feeling better...DEFINITELY thankful for that! But also, I am thankful my boys have Grandma Dori. (Don't get me wrong...I am thankful for every single one of my boys grandparents...they are all amazing in their own way and all deeply loved by my sons.) Today, however, I want to focus on the woman that is "Grandma Dori". She is the master of all things "natural healing" and brewed up an eye wash (some kind of tea) that has worked wonderfully, even with this particularly resistant bout of pink eye. I catch a lot of flack from a lot of people for not running straight to the doctor the second we see pink eye, but hey...if I can avoid antibiotics, we're doing it! Grandma Dori has often come to the rescue with her "eye tea", and for several other ailments with several other essential oils and natural cures. Today, I am thankful for that.

2. My Mikey turns FIVE this week (OMG) and is having his birthday party at his dad's today. The excitement in his little voice was INSANE this morning! I am thankful for having gotten to talk to him this morning from his dad's house. His excitement was completely contagious and got me started on the right foot today. He will have his party here next weekend complete with a lemon poppy-seed and strawberry cake (his lie! LOL!) Can't wait!

3. Despite all of the stressful happenings this week, we got to spend a wonderful afternoon/evening at the track this week!! It was our last Thursday off before we start our 4 days of soccer per week so I took some pictures of the men riding as the little boys watched in awe. <3

4. I am thankful for the GORGEOUS weather we've had the past week. Winter seemed SO long to me this year, and I know that I am prone to seasonal depression, so I anticipate chirping birds and green grass like you wouldn't believe!! I cannot wait for a long and beautiful summer filled with grilled corn on the cob, lawnmowers moving, bubbles and sidewalk chalk, popsicles and lemonade, BBQ's and hot nights. I just love it!

5. I am thankful for these two adorable and in love people...(who are waiting ever so patiently for my webhost and I to figure out WHAT THE HECK is wrong with my website so I can upload their gallery!!) I will be REALLY thankful when that is fixed!! But until then, I am thankful for the opportunity to photograph people in love...especially when they're this photogenic. Look at this girl work it...fabulous.

So there you have it! Even when I am stressed, tired and cranky, I love and am thankful for my life, family and friends. <3

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Anti-Supermom said...

Sometimes it's hard to remember those little things, thanks for the reminder.

And yes, fabulous model, fabulous photographer!

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