Thursday, December 10, 2009


So sometimes, even the BEST of intentions go awry...sometimes even the MOST calculated plans stray...sometimes Mother Nature dumps over a foot of snow on you and you're forced to go with the flow. will be posted soon...but BIG SURPRISE THURSDAY, is now BIG SURPRISE NEXT WEDNESDAY. Believe me when I say I am just as stressed about the delay as you (probably more in all honesty). Due to the inclement weather, my days/appointments/life got shuffled, and now you're going to have to be patient until next Wednesday for the exciting new. I am SORRY!

BUT, in hopes of making it up to you, I plan to post every day until then...just to keep things exciting and moving along. So...let me type up the rest of my recipe post and get that up tonight. Then hopefully we will stick to the remainder of the schedule.

No worries folks...the big surprise is worth the wait! :)

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