Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I know...I know...

I'm the most ABSENT blogger EVER! But I have a good reason...I promise!

I've got a big surprise coming SOON! And lots of changes taking place...

Some lists to share, some homemade ornaments, recipes, projects, etc. I've been busy...trust me there!

This weeks blog schedule:

WEDNESDAY: RECIPE POST...I will share some of my favorite holiday recipes...tried and true...gotta love it!


FRIDAY: JENN'S MUST HAVES 2009 Edition (Check out last year's list here!)

SATURDAY: Homemade Christmas Ornaments...DIY and How-To!

SUNDAY: Christmas Tree Reveal...and MAYBE a sneak peek at how our new bedroom is coming along!

MONDAY: Another BIG Announcement...so excited!

Sooo...STAY TUNED! Lots of stuff happening soon! :)

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