Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

Not sure what my deal is lately, but I've got a bit of a spring cleaning bug...unfortunately, it's 90+ degrees out and I have nothing that even remotely resembles air conditioning!

That's ok though...spent last night sweating it out...got the kitchen scrubbed clean (except for the floors and cabinets which I'm doing today). All of this in preparation for when Adam get's his father's day gift...his new POWER PAINTER...then maybe (hopefully!!??!!) he can paint our kitchen cabinets! (And hopefully new floors are in our not so distant future too, but we'll see...)

Rearranging the living room tonight I think...should probably clean the carpets BUT it's so humid I'm afraid they'll never dry, so that will have to wait I think. I plan to get my clothesline hung tonight too...yay!

Other future cleaning and reorganization projects include:

Our room.
We painted our dresser awhile back and have done nothing else with the room since. I'm going to give it a good cleaning to once and for all get rid of all the shoes/clothes we don't wear and then, maybe rearrange in there too! I also have a headboard project to work on, and need to replace our curtains. It's going to be SO nice in there when everything is done! Can't wait to share!

The boys room.
No matter what type of toy and clothing organization I've tried, nothing stays clean. I think I've finally got an idea that will work...we shall see!

McKenzie's room. Wall to wall disaster. She needs furniture, badly, so I'll be scouring Craigslist and hopefully will have a few furniture makeover projects in the future!

Dining Room/Office
I need to figure out desk placement and table placement and make that room work as a multi-function space...I've got ideas...just need to put them into action! I also have a floor makeover idea, but I have to run that by the man first and get his thoughts! :)

I'll be posting pics as I change, rearrange and redecorate...stay tuned! :)

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